Jure Senčar

Android developer, biotech data scientist and consultant


Jure Senčar, PhD


I hold BSc in Physics, MSc in Biomedical Engineering and DSc in Biotehnology. Most of my work in those fields was deeply intertwined with software development, data processing and modeling. List of my scientific publications, patents and open-source libraries can be found in CV.

Along with formal education and work experience I spent a lot of time honing my skills as an Android Developer. I like Kotlin programming language and I even own a signed copy of "Effective Kotlin" by Marcin Moskala. Some of my apps are published on Play Store and can be found on this webpage. Others are either private or under CDA.

More details about my work can be found in CV.


I am passionate about allowing people to be more efficient at their endeavors in terms of productivity and heath. I care about work efficiency on the long term, which often translates to spending an extra day refining concepts or code architecture in order to assure a smooth sailing later or.

Furthermore, I am interested in objectively knowing what is a healthy lifestyle and what nutritional choices would promote health and longevity for an individual.

In that spirit I am interested in projects that enable other people to be more efficient or healthier. On the other hand I am not interested on working with entertainment apps or games.




Data Science in Biotech

Setting up and optimisation of data processing workflows.

Consulting on project-specific data processing or process modelling strategies.

Residence time distribution modelling for integrated continuous biomanufacturing processes.


Mobile App Development

Android app development with focus on clean, testable and maintainable code.

Available for short-term projects, help on larger projects or a long-term support to a product.

I do not work with purely entertainment apps, including games.


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Android apps

Android Original_v2

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