Android Apps

This is the list of Android apps that I developed end-to-end and published on Google Play.

Audiobook player

The aim of the app is to offer the most convenient ways of saving bookmarks and ideas so one can review them later. Works well with external devices and Android Auto.

Advanced bookmarking

Ab player allows taking voice memos, text memos and interval bookmarks while listening to an audiobook. Voice memos or interval bookmarks also can be exported and shared with your friends or colleagues.


Mic with feedback to headphones

The app records audio to a file and/or plays it back with a custom set delay.

Custom delay

The delay can be set manually. Near-zero latency is not possible on Android devices, especially in combination with bluetooth headset. This results in some bad ratings on Google Play.


Note editor with two-way sync

Note taking app with folder structure and synchronization with Dropbox account.

Reliable two-way sync

Simple Text employs reliable custom made two way sync engine with offline cache.